Lonely Planet Pathfinders

Share your art and love for travel and get featured by the world’s most trusted travel brand. And even sometimes, get paid for your content. Talk about travel serendipity!

All you need is our app, a bank account, and a genuine connection to the people and experiences around you. 


What is this about?

We believe great travel advice must highlight local and diverse voices. We also recognize that there are amazing travel storytellers out there, so we've decided to open and share our platform with people that also believe in the power of travel.

To keep things fair, if we get compensated by a brand because of your contributions, we'll share those revenues with you. 


Are you a Pathfinder?

You don't need tens of thousands of followers, nor do you need a professional camera kit or an "Instagram-husband” to complete a Challenge.  Actually, you probably already have something in your camera roll that will fit what we are looking for.

You may participate in as many Challenges as you want, and we'll always let you know when we feature your content.

How it works:

Apply. Download the app, create your profile, connect your social accounts, and tell us why you would be an awesome Lonely Planet Pathfinder.

Submit. Challenges will show up in your feed based on your profile and location, sometimes challenges will be sent directly to you.

Share. We know the struggle. Inside the app, you’ll find an infinite and exclusive source of travel inspiration to keep your followers engaged.

Smile (and brag about it). If we use your content, we'll give you a shout out. And if one of our brand partners use it, you’ll also get a check!  


What are the benefits of becoming a Pathfinder?
You'll have your profile and content featured on Lonely Planet. You will also have a chance to make some extra pocket money, get access to additional perks from our partners and a free Lonely Planet membership.

What kinds of Challenges are there?
Challenges are based on the needs of Lonely Planet and our travel partners. Sometimes they may be something broad, such as photos of your favorite beach you've visited, and other times they will be more specific, such as a photo of a chihuahua appreciating a sunset!

What makes a great Challenge submission?
We are looking for photos that are unique, authentic, creative, inclusive, and diverse, and well... well taken! If you stick to those principles and the Challenge guidelines, most likely your submission will be awesome.

How long does it take to be approved as a Lonely Planet Pathfinder?
Applications are reviewed as they come in, but a referral from an existing Lonely Planet Pathfinder or one of our partners, will get you to the top of the list.

Lonely Planet Pathfinders

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