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Introducing Pathfinders.

The new Lonely Planet Pathfinders app instantly connects content creators (that’s you) with Lonely Planet. Upload your travel photos, get featured, and collaborate with our travel partners. With the Pathfinders app you can take us with you on your travels. Submit photos as you go – we’ll let you know when there’s a photo-op nearby.

Photography by Alif Ngoylung

making a way

Who are we looking for?

Pathfinders are avid travelers who always veer off the beaten path. They view the world through a unique lens and love to document and share their stories with others. These people aren’t necessarily making a living as travel influencers, though some do, but are constantly creating beautiful travel content. We are looking for Pathfinders to join our community, inspiring and enabling others to explore their world.

How it works.

Apply. Once you’re accepted, download the app and connect your Instagram.

We’ll send you content requests via Challenges, or we may spot something on your Instagram that we love.

Challenges are based on your location and expertise.

We’ll always send you a note if we use your photos. 

Benefits for Pathfinders.

Connect with our travel partners.

Have your content featured on Lonely Planet.

Join our worldwide Pathfinders community.

Show off your content to millions of Lonely Planet users.

Receive discount hotel rates.

Free access to our Guides app.

Join Pathfinders.

Apply for early access to Beta. Available on iOS and Android.

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